Dangerous & Defective Products

Dangerous & Defective Products

When people purchase products such as lawn mowers, snow blowers, power tools, or even various types of food or drink, for example, they trust that these products are safe to use. However, it is an unfortunate fact that frequently, the use of these products results in serious personal injuries. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are responsible for selling their products to the public without any dangerous defects. Additionally, potentially harmful products must be labeled appropriately to warn the buyer of any possible risks. The White Plains, New York Law Office of Mark A. Siesel is dedicated to holding the manufacturers, distributors, and sellers of dangerous products accountable for injuries that they cause by their negligence in failing to properly manufacture, design or test their products before they are offered for sale to the general public. Our firm has the experience, knowledge and dedication to ensure that our clients will be compensated to the fullest extent for their pain and suffering, lost earnings, loss of enjoyment of life, medical bills, and future medical treatment, including the need for surgery or long term care.

Injuries that are caused when someone is using a product that was manufactured or marketed in a defective or dangerous way is the basis for a potential claim against the manufacturer, distributor or seller of that product in a products liability lawsuit. The manufacturer or other provider of goods has an obligation to test and inspect products to determine that they are reasonably safe before placing that product on the market. The basic concept in product liability law is that the companies providing the products are usually in the best position to prevent defective products from entering the marketplace. Thus, if they fail to do this, they can and should be held accountable. The White Plains, New York Law Office of Mark A. Siesel has the experience, knowledge and background to determine whether our clients have viable claims against the manufacturer, distributor or seller of dangerous products and to obtain the maximum possible compensation for their injuries.

We will pursue claims against manufacturers, distributors, and sellers of dangerous products under various legal theories including:

  • Negligence—defined as a lack of reasonable care in the manufacture or sale of the product or in warning about the product;
  • Breach of warranty—meaning a failure to fulfill the terms of a promise regarding the product's performance;
  • Misrepresentation—misleading a consumer into believing a product is safe when the product has not been sufficiently tested or designed;
  • Strict liability—a defective product which may not be the fault of the defendant but which is "unreasonably dangerous" and thus the manufacturer, distributor, or seller can be held at fault regardless of their knowledge of the product's dangerous nature.

Dangerous product injuries often occur due to design defects, manufacturing flaws, or a failure to warn consumers properly. Product liability cases involve a large variety of products, including dangerous medications such as Vioxx, chemicals, medical products and devices, clothing, toys made without proper testing and inspection, defective tires or brakes that can cause automobile accidents, or even food products or drinks that fail to contain proper warning labels to notify consumers of ingredients such as peanuts or dairy which can cause serious allergic reactions and even death.

For over 20 years, the White Plains Law Office of Mark A. Siesel has recovered substantial settlements and verdicts for our clients as the result of defective or poorly designed machines, recreational products, medical devices, toys, power tools, and chemicals and drugs. If you would like to speak with our firm about your case, contact us online or at (914) 428-7386 for a free consultation.