Newburgh, New York

The City of Newburgh is in Orange County, but was originally in Ulster County until 1798 when Rockland County split from Orange County and Newburgh became part of Orange. The population in June of 2009 was 28,101. Newburgh is 60 miles north of New York City and 90 miles south of Albany. Newburgh was the location of the Continental Army’s headquarters from early 1782 until the end of 1783. It is believed that General George Washington had to convince officers to stay loyal during the “Newburgh Conspiracy” in those years.

The City of Newburgh thrived during the Gilded Age, with its great location equidistant between Albany and New York City. Cotton, wool, silk, paper, pumps, perfume, furniture, carpets, carburetors, shirts and lawn mowers were some of the products manufactured in the city. However, the city was hit hard in the 20th century with the loss of shipping traffic and factories moving out to contain costs. Newburgh continues to struggle economically in recent years, although efforts have been made to shore up its riverfront location and take advantage of the magnificent river views of the Hudson.

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