Head On Collisions

Head-on car accidents result in some of the most serious injuries and numerous fatalities due to the extensive force applied to the occupants of both vehicles. Essentially, the speed of the two vehicles combined can render even airbags, seat belts and crush zones and cause horrific injuries. These injuries will often lead to significant surgeries, extensive rehabilitation and a major alteration in lifestyle for both the victim and the families of the victim. Additionally, in cases in which the wrongdoer is underinsured or uninsured, (such a hit and run accident or a driver who has failed to pay current insurance premiums, the head on crash victim is left with potentially devastating medical and hospital expenses, and is likely unable to work, with disability insurance often being the only source of income for a substantial period of time.

Head-on crashes can be caused by improper signage on the highway; roadway construction causing vehicles to divert out of their lanes; ramp design; distracted drivers paying more attention to the their cell phones, texts, children, or personal grooming than the road in front of them; and drivers who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, a combination thereof. Studies by organizations such as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have shown that although head on accidents are approximately 2% of the overall collisions on U.S. roadways annually, they account for 10% of fatalities.

Immediately upon retention by our clients, we conduct a complete investigation of the accident. This includes obtaining statements from any witnesses to the accident or the aftermath, which might lead to admissions of fault by the negligent driver. We secure all photographs of the scene of the accident, and when the client has come to our office soon after the occurrence, sometimes this can result in securing of accident related debris from the vehicles involved or photographs of tire marks depicting the paths of the two vehicles and skid marks. We obtain the police report and the MV-104 of the other driver, which is a report that must be filed with the DMV in Albany whenever a personal injury accident has occurred. If the other driver was cited by the police for a violation of the Vehicle & Traffic Law, including using a cell phone, speeding or following too closely, we keep in contact with the local Court to obtain a certificate of disposition as to the traffic infraction, which can be useful in establishing legal responsibility for the accident against the other driver.

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