Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

The White Plains, New York Law Office of Mark A. Siesel has extensive experience representing clients throughout the New York metropolitan area in DWI cases. We understand that our clients have many questions as to how the charges will affect their driving privileges, their employment, and their families. Our firm will provide skilled and aggressive representation in fighting the possible loss or restriction of your license, fines, court costs, and potential criminal penalties.

We will challenge the evidence obtained by the arresting officer and ensure that the scientific testing involving breath, blood and urine was performed in accordance with legal standards. Further, the Law Office of Mark A. Siesel, representing clients in Westchester County, Rockland County, Orange County, Putnam County, Dutchess County, and throughout the lower Hudson Valley and New York City metropolitan area. We have substantial experience in representing clients at “Refusal Hearings” held by the Department of Motor Vehicles, (when you have refused to submit to a breathalyzer or blood test, for example) which are often a vital part of the DWI litigation process. These refusal hearings are frequently a critical part of the process in fighting the revocation of your driver’s license.

The Law Office of Mark A. Siesel will, in a free initial consultation, explain the charges against you; discuss the possible fines and penalties you are facing; and discuss how the DWI laws, as well as the new DWI statutes introduced in the fall of 2006 could affect you. Once retained, we immediately contact the prosecutor to obtain and review all evidence against you, and discuss all charges. We will discuss your potential legal options after our consultations with the District Attorney. Frequently, we can obtain a conditional driver’s license for you, which will permit you to drive to and from work, to and from medical appointments, and other essential reasons.

Certainly, the charges against you should be taken seriously, and the potential impact on your life can be substantial. That is why we provide a guarantee that at all times, your case will receive personal attention, and that you will be treated with dignity and respect.

If you are eligible for the reduced charge of DWAI, “driving while ability impaired, we will fight vigorously to obtain this outcome for you, as it reduces the charges from a crime to a traffic violation, reduces the amount of time your license will be affected, and limits the fines that a judge will impose. You may be eligible for this reduced DWAI charges, especially of this is your first violation and no one has been injured in the incident. Equally important, a DWAI charge will not show up on a criminal check conducted by a potential employer. However, you must remember that a prior DWAI charge will be used against you if you are charged with an alcohol offense a second time.

The penalties for DWI or DWAI (driving while ability impaired by alcohol or controlled substances) can be serious, even for a first offense. These penalties may include:

  • Suspension or revocation of your driver’s license;
  • Fines;
  • Mandatory attendance in alcohol prevention programs;
  • Potential time in jail.
The New DWI laws

In the fall of 2006, the New York legislature amended the DWI statutes. These new laws include the following: A new charge of “aggravated driving while intoxicated”, which is triggered when a driver has .18 “BAC” (1.8 % blood alcohol content) or more of alcohol in their blood;

The automatic revocation of your license for one year;

The new, more serious implications of a refusal to take a chemical test involving blood, urine or breath.

Due to the more stringent and tougher enforcement of the DWI laws, it is absolutely essential that you have experienced, diligent and skilled legal representation. The Law Office of Mark A. Siesel, serving all of Westchester County, the lower Hudson Valley, and the New York metropolitan area will vigorously and aggressively represent you in order to reduce fines and limit the effects on your license. We will do everything possible to assist you in avoiding jail time or other criminal penalties.

Our firm also handles traffic violations, including speeding tickets, unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, and other moving violations.

For a free consultation to discuss your right and legal options, Contact us online or at (914) 428-7386.

Client Reviews
Mark's professionalism and integrity were exemplary from the beginning to the end. I implicitly trust him. Through mediation or litigation, Mark is resourceful in getting you the best results. L.A., former client
Mark handled all aspects of my case thoroughly and aggressively, from fighting with the insurance companies regarding my medical expenses to litigating the case against the City of New York. My phone calls were always returned the same day. J.D., former client
There is no one better than Mark Siesel. He is honest, fair, caring and gets the job done. P.A., former client
When I had a motor vehicle accident and needed a lawyer, I went to Mark. From the initial visit I had with him, through the end of the case, I felt comfortable, confident, fully informed, and trusting because of the way he treated me. S.G., former client
...thanks for the fine job of Mark Siesel on my settlement... everything was handled expeditiously and with intelligence...I was in good hands with Mr. Siesel. B.B., former client
We feel very lucky to have Mark be the one that represented us. In a low key way, he guided us through confusing hospital red tape, answered questions and was quickly and consistently available for all our concerns. NM