Carmel, New York

The Town of Carmel is on the southern border of Putnam County. The population of Carmel as of the 2000 Census was 36,465, and the town is 40.7 square miles. Carmel is approximately 50 miles from Central Park in New York City. The town was settled in 1740. On April 26, 1777, 16 year old Sybil Ludington became a female Paul Revere when she rode her horse through Putnam County warning residents that "The British Are Coming!" There is a statue honoring Ms. Ludington on Gleneida Avenue in the center of town.

The historic Putnam County Courthouse in Carmel was built in 1814. Just recently, in 2008, a new courthouse was constructed next door to the historic building, but luckily, the original remains in all its glory. Guideposts magazine originated in Carmel. An interesting fact about Carmel is that Lake Gleneida in the center of town was formed by ice age glaciers!

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